Deanna R. Daugherty, Business Analyst and Operations

Ms. Deanna Daugherty  is an Operations / Business Analyst with over 25 years of experience in software training, project management, information technology and business operations management. Currently she is working as a Software User Interface Specialist for the STEM Teacher Education and School Strengthening Activity (STESSA) project responsible for software training in project specific applications and representing end-users in software development as well as project and logistics coordination.  She interfaces with educators and administrators both at the high-school and higher-education levels and with members of the Egyptian Ministry of Education.  In addition, she provides training and user support for the PARLO (Proficiency-based Assessment and Reassessment of Learning Outcomes) Tracker system.

In the past, Ms. Daugherty contributed to the Education Consortium for the Advancement of STEM in Egypt (ECASE) in a capacity similar to STESSA.  Other past projects include the Instability in Education Systems, Randomized Controlled Trials, and Children’s Achievement (NSF PRIME grant),the 21st Century Center for Research and Development in Cognition and Science Instruction (Cog Sci Center), and the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP) where she served in both a project management and shared responsibility capacity for dissemination, collection, and validation of various data sets and served as a connector between school district representatives, teachers, researchers, and software developers. In addition, she was responsible for data compliance with the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Prior to coming to 21PSTEM, Ms. Daugherty worked the staffing industry for over 16 years in various operational roles and served the Department of Defense as a Facility Security Officer.

B.S., Bentley University, Marketing