Dave Taylor, Senior Developer, Information Technology Manager

Mr. Dave Taylor is responsible for the programming and technical support of the PARLO Tracker assessment tracking (Ruby on Rails) website as part of the Education Consortium for the Advancement of STEM in Egypt (ECASE) project . He works on the NSF Instability in Education Systems, Randomized Controlled Trials, and Children’s Achievement (NSF PRIME grant) as a database specialist and (R) programmer. He is also responsible for the support and enhancements to the 21pstem.org (WordPress) website. Dave has been programming computers using a variety of programming languages for over 30 years. He has over 20 years of experience designing, developing and managing a wide variety of Relational Database Management Systems. He has over 15 years of experience developing websites using ASP, Enterprise Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript. His previous education related experiences include: consulting to a school district and helping develop a prototype LMS (Learning Management System) for the Department of Defence.

Dave Taylor is responsible for software development and computer systems at 21PSTEM. He (and the people reporting to him) support the programming and computer systems needs for the various projects ongoing at 21PSTEM. He has, and will hire staff or bring in consultants as needed. To provide the server needs of our project teams, he has deployed and is supporting 4 (full stack) JavaScript web sites, over a half a dozen Ruby on Rails sites, two WordPress sites, a couple Google Script (JavaScript) Web Apps and a number of static HTML websites on our Linux server in the cloud. He is currently developing the plans for the software needs of the STESSA contract. In the past, he supported the NSF PRIME grant as a database specialist and (R) programmer.


M.B.A. University of New Haven (Computer Science concentration)
B.S. University of Hartford, Mathematics